Food & Nutrition: What to Eat for Breakfast

Food & Nutrition: What to Eat for Breakfast

Many patients struggling with infertility and other chronic health issues get much healthier and feel much better when they eliminate foods they don’t tolerate well, often gluten and dairy. The question remains: what do I eat for breakfast? I have a delicious suggestion to try out: Chinese congee. 


This is what millions of Chinese eat every morning for breakfast. It is very tasty and quick and easy to prepare. You take leftover COOKED rice (brown is best, though white is traditional) and add ½ cup to 1 cup of additional water per cup of rice and warm it up so it becomes sort of soupy and soft, kind of like oatmeal. This should take 3-20 minutes depending on how soft you like the rice. How watery or thick you make it is up to you. Then you take all kinds of savory or sweet items and put them on top: meat, fish, egg, vegetables, nuts, seaweed, lotus root, jujube. There are no rules. I generally use whatever is in my refrigerator. This is a great way to be creative and have fun! 

That said, there are some ingredients that are traditionally used for congee. My very favorite is Chili Bamboo Shoots. These are tender young bamboo shoots in chili oil. You can get them and other congee classics in Chinatown at Kam Man Food Products

In Chinese medicine, congee is considered a very nourishing food and is often used to prepare medicinal foods specific to the patient’s constitution. To read more about congee and more recipes click here

Lori Lewis