Congratulations! You’re decided to take action towards your destiny. Well done!  You’re excited and nervous about doing it. You have questions, most especially, “what can I do to help make this high-stakes procedure as effective as possible”? We have some answers. Step One: Prepare. 

We have been taught to believe that the chromosomes in our eggs are just what they are and there is nothing we can do to change them. Perhaps not. Recent research calls this into question and implies that many of the chromosomal defects associated with aging occur in the late stage of egg maturation, during the several months prior to ovulation. This opens the possibility that creating an optimal environment for eggs to mature in may lead to better quality eggs with a higher chance of producing a healthy baby later on.

Our Egg Freezing Preparation program is designed to get your blood and energy flowing so you go into your egg freezing protocol as strong and balanced as can be, with the goal to retrieve as many healthy eggs as possible.