We help you find your sweet spot. Chinese medicine calls it balance. This is where the hormones are in balance, fertility and overall wellness are optimized, our energy is strong, and we enjoy the sweetness of life despite its inevitable challenges. We guide you through the confusing world of too-much-information and help you find a way of living well in your body, so you can thrive and create the life you want. 

“The lowest class of medicines... cure illness.
The second class of medicines.. prevent illness. 
The highest class of medicines, prolong life. They correspond to heaven… and govern the nourishing of destiny.”

-Shen Nong, the great granddaddy of Chinese herbal medicine. 


As Chinese medicine teaches, peak fertility comes with peak vitality. The reproductive system lives inside of a bigger system. Unlike the Western model of only looking at the reproductive system, the Chinese Medicine approach to enhancing fertility is to strengthen the entire body, with specific focus on the reproductive system, so that overall health and vitality are at their peak. This maximizes the chances of achieving and sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Historically, this is called "tilling the soil before planting the seed." 


The influence of women’s cycles goes far beyond periods and fertility. It can affect everything. From mood and strength to perception of the world around us, digestion and pain. Chinese medicine offers an ancient and elegant way of finding the sweet spot, at whatever life stage you are in.