The transition zone into menopause can be a pretty uncomfortable place. The roller coaster of hormonal ups and downs, sleep and libido issues can leave a girl feeling deeply tired and wired, strung out, anxious and downright pissed. Navigating life through this can be like sailing through very rough seas. And, its a huge opportunity. Chinese medicine refers to menopause as the Second Spring because of its potential for a rebirth of the self. At this stage, many of us are less focused on taking care of children and others. We may have more space to reconnect with ourselves and our truth. Chinese medicine teaches that these times of transition are powerful moments where we are asked to uplevel our self-care so as to lay the best possible groundwork for the years to come. We are not here to fix the transition, we are here to stabilize the ship and help you navigate the inevitable bumps with as much grace and ease as possible and ultimately to find joy in the rebirth.