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“When the child is sick, nourish the mother”

This wise Chinese medicine advice that is sorely needed in our modern society. So many of us de-prioritize ourselves in order to focus on our new baby’s overwhelming needs. We become exhausted and strung out and not as patient and present with our baby as we would like to be. In women who have had a complicated, drawn-out delivery or C-section, acupuncture can be incredibly helpful in calming the nervous system, and helping them feel more centered and "like themselves.” Awkward breastfeeding positions can cause mother’s thumb or pain in the neck, shoulders, wrists and arms. Acupuncture, gua sha and cupping can help release these muscles and soothe the pain while figuring out more ergonomic positions for breastfeeding. Women whose breasts get easily inflamed from breastfeeding find acupuncture can soften the hard spots and get the milk flowing so mastitis is less likely to set in. Our approach can be stabilizing for mild postpartum depression and anxiety and can be used as an auxiliary treatment in more severe cases.