Our Mission

in a word, it is: VITALITY


Areas of Focus


Women’s Health

Too often women’s health issues are treated piecemeal: go to the back doctor for the back pain, take an antidepressant for PMS or menopausal mood swings or anxiety or depression, go to the GI doc for your digestive issues (even though you’ve already done that, twice). Totally frustrating. We get it. We see it differently.

Enhancing Fertility Naturally

We offer a safe, highly effective and affordable program of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutrition and lifestyle guidance for couples that are trying to conceive. This approach maximizes the couple’s chances of conceiving naturally, is comfortable and relaxing, and improves the overall sense of wellbeing and vitality in the process. 

Egg Freezing & Egg Quality

Our Egg Freezing preparation program is designed to get your blood and energy flowing so you go into egg freezing protocol as strong and balanced as can be, with the goal to retrieve as many healthy eggs as possible. 



We help keep the body as balanced and strong as possible so you are in the best position to hold and carry a healthy pregnancy. We help reduce the discomforts of pregnancy including nausea, morning sickness, low back pain and various other aches and pains of pregnancy.In the last weeks of pregnancy, acupuncture is used to prepare the body for labor.

Postpartum & Lactation

“When the child is sick, nourish the mother” is wise Chinese medicine advice that is sorely needed in our modern society. So many of us de-prioritize ourselves in order to focus on our new baby’s overwhelming needs. Acupuncture can be incredibly helpful in calming the nervous system down, and helping new Moms feel more centered and "like themselves.”

Perimenopause & Menopause

Chinese medicine teaches that these times of transition are powerful moments where we are asked to uplevel our self-care so as to lay the best possible groundwork for the years to come. We are here to stabilize the ship and help you navigate the inevitable bumps with as much grace and ease as possible and to celebrate entering the next phase of life.